May 26, 2017 admin

fanga calzature


The word “Fanga ” derives from Bologna’s popular culture: it comes from the local dialect and means “shoe”. Today the word “Fanga” is no longer in use and, for this reason, the two young entrepreneurs, Lorenzo Fusina and Bruno Riffeser Mont, have decided to use this word for their brand.

Through its distinctive approach, Fanga puts a modern spin on the deeply rooted artisan culture, giving birth to an extraordinary selection of high quality Italian handmade shoes. From shape carving to model design; from leather cutting to stitching; from shaping the sole to the finishing touches: every Fanga shoe is the result of attentive eyes, and comes to life thanks to slow meticulous handcrafting.

Fanga translates the uniqueness of every client in a refined product of excellent character. We add a personalized metal detail to every shoe, in order to further enrich the uniqueness of each product. An exclusive detail to which the customer can contribute, choosing its shape, material, coding and symbol.

In short: character and tradition, vision and craftsmanship. Fanga shoes are produced entirely in Italy: they’re the product of fine artisan work, respectful of the traditional practice, process, and rhythm.