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When the kids grow up and leave their parents’home, is their room re-furnished or not? A survey has been conducted throughout Italy.

Few change the bedroom’s use after the kids ‘leave the nest’.

To maintain and even increase this Italian market sector, the furniture industry can in-depth analyze the ever changing living styles, along with steady ones, also through surveys from parallel sectors.

The research developed by, including 10,000 interviewed people, investigated what’s happening to the kids’ room when they leave the parents’ house: more 33% of the owners, leave the space untouched.

26% of the interviewed, as expected, transforms the room for guest use. Perhaps without really changing it, as far as furniture is concerned.

15% of parents consider themselves grandparents, and wait for the bedroom to be used by the nephews (toys included).

Only 12% turns it into their home office; the remaining ones use that space for their hobbies, as a storage room or laundry.

The overall scenario.

The – so unfairly disparaged –  Italian mama’s boys, in fact leave the family home when they are about 25, half of them at least. Not by the age of 40, as sometimes we read.

And when children are interviewed, 80% of them say they have no problems if their parents are going to use their ex-room differently. Only 8% feel him/herself set aside if, going to visit home, no longer finding his/her room “as in the past”.

The more family-dependent kids – boys or girls – are in center of Italy: in fact they often don’t leave their teenagers’ bed up to their 30’s! In south Italy, they go out first, but often because they go to the North or abroad for studying or working.