Pure sound from steel

Jan 18, 2018 admin

acciaio Cea


Steel has many qualities and also gives us perfect sounds, as Cea Design has shown!

Cea Design, a brand known for top of the range taps, in 4 meetings organized at the Milan-based showroom (via Brera 9), has unveiled steel’s less known qualities. After an in-depth analysis, the last event, in December 2017, concerned exactly the soft and pure sound which amazed everyone and that can be obtained from this highly resistant alloy.

From the great music …

In fact, steel is able to lead to perfect sound thanks to its sound-insulating features. Steel is actually often used for planning concert halls: combined with other materials, especially wood, it reflects the sound in a uniform way, that can be heard from every corner and distance.

… to sweet familiar sounds!

The thin sheets of carillons are made from steel, which produces that sound so dear to everyone when the comb meets the tips placed on the cylinder or the rotating disk.
Also music boxes are made from steel, with dancers or singing birds, sometimes authentic collectible works of art.