‘Stili dell’abitare – case contemporanee’

Feb 13, 2018 admin

Libro stili di arredamento

What are the trends followed by those who mix and match? You can find them in the book ‘Stili dell’abitare’ on the e-store Dalani. Which, when it comes to end user, is an expert!

This book is a sort of photographic journey inside 7 houses in the world and as many fashionable interior design styles: Shabby, Classic, Nordic, Eclectic, Glamour, Minimal and Boho (ie a little Bohemian and a little Hippy). In truth, this is not about any houses, but about particular characters that tell them.

The secret dream of designers and furniture companies, often, is that homes are mono-brand furnished, or almost like this. The reality is different, custom homes are also the most appreciated, so a dive flight into the book (published by Mondadori Electa) is useful for interior designers, product managers and more. It may be that experts do not see anything original in it, but it must be appreciated transversely. Especially since, in the second part, it deals with the approach of Dalani to the Home & Living world, focusing on the bed and sofa elements, and witnessing how much accessories and decor accessories are essential to give life to a home.

As stated by Karim El Saket and Mattia Riva, founders and leaders of the Italian website: “Ours is an invitation to draw inspiration from, to make your home more beautiful every day. A mission that translates into our research and exclusive offers, with items of furniture and unique pieces from all over the world.”

About is the first Home & Living Shopping Club in Italy dedicated to online sales of home accessories and furnishing systems. Launched in 2011 by Karim El Saket and Mattia Riva, the Italian portal is part of the Westwing / Dalani Group, founded in Germany by Delia Fischer who, in a few years, has developed a network of independent e-stores currently on 3 continents and 14 countries: Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Brazil, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia and Kazakhstan.