Design tables that will leave you speechless…

Feb 21, 2018 admin

The Wow Effect table, design by Fabio Gianoli, is the key feature in three interior design projects developed by Edilbi Suisse for a pharmaceutical company in Switzerland

The interior design project entirely developed by Edilbi Suisse Sa,, revolves around the tables of the meeting room, executive office and lobby.

Futuristic and decidedly out of the ordinary, the sculptural table of the meeting room arises from a vortex on the ground and extends for five meters, tapering off to the window. Inspired by a spinning top, Gianoli defied gravity, giving the work a sense of elegant lightness.

The directional work plan has a more rigid form, characterized by a broken line which fits well into the square structure of the chairman’s office.

On the ground floor, in a double height space, the lobby desk, with its soft cylindrical shapes, is the nodal point of the rooms of the building, all with large windows and a wide view of the valley.

Claudio Bianchi, owner of Edilbi Suisse Sa, who for over forty years has stood out for a global service and multi-target offer, declaring himself proud of the project, underlines how the material chosen for all the elements is also fundamental for a pharmaceutical company: the Krion® Solid Surface, sturdy yet flexible, is antibacterial and, together with the white color, inspires a sense of tranquility and cleanliness.

[ Text Giulia Bruno – Photo Marcello Mariana and Lisa Pedrini]