The first 3D-printed mini-home unveiled in Texas

Mar 26, 2018 admin

In Austin the first 3D-printed concrete home has been created. It is a possible solution for developing countries

Presented on the occasion of the South by Southwest music and film festival, the house was designed by charity New Story and robotics construction company Icon Robotics. The house realized by the Icon’s Vulcan printer cost about $4,000 and took less than 24 hours to be completed.

Vulcan 3D printer while building mini-homes

Massive, but still portable, Vulcan 3D printer uses a particular custom blend of concrete that holds its shape as it hardens. Although the walls need a few days to complete the hardening stage, the house can be inhabited immediately after the set up.

After the walls are printed, New Story crew members come in and install windows, a wooden roof, basic plumbing and electrical wiring that can be drilled right into the concrete walls.

According to the figures collected by New Story, there are about one billion people all over the world without an adequate house, safe and hygienic. This is why the 3D construction method, currently the fastest on the market, may be the best solution for families living in Haiti or El Salvador, for example.

Many other organizations, such as Apis Cor in Russia, are working on the realization of 3D-printed houses, however, Icon has been the first to realize a structure that has been deemed inhabitable by a local government. [GD]

[Text: Giuseppe D’Orsi]