#YoungTalents: Andréason & Leibel – Sweden

Apr 25, 2018 admin

From Sweden the projects of two young talents who connect minimalist design and art

Designer Kristian Andréason e Kristin Leibel set up their studio in Gothenburg; they frequently features their works in design exhibitions, showing their curiosity of new expressions in the borderline between minimalistic design and art.

Beside various design assignments they have a small scale production facility just outside Malmö to provide a space for their edition pieces but most importantly, a place for never ending experiments on form, function and the perception thereof.

Black Hollow Occational Table is a thin hollow bodied side table with the impression of solidity although the thin brittle edge is clearly visible from the side revealing an empty black box – a play on scenography. Like traces of an ancient building under a piece of black sky.

The table top is laid out in a mould made out of OCB fiber board of which pattern is later revealed in the completed surface.

Hubbabubba: a hands-on-sculpted pendant lamp, the quintessential lamp shape with a true personal lively surface. The initial inspiration was the work of great master sculptor Giacometti. Material: composite plaster