#YoungTalents: Studio DAY – Turchia

May 08, 2018 admin

AVLU project by Day Studio mix design with Istanbul Gran Bazaar crafters skills: the result are objects unique and color block

Doğanberk Demir e Yeşim Eröktem, DAY Studio, Istanbul

Istanbul-based DAY Studio, founded by Doğanberk Demir and Yeşim Eröktem in 2015, works on furniture, lighting, table- top accessories, textile designs as well
 as industrial products and packaging design. Yeşim and Doğanberk fuses their cultural background with a contemporary approach to create simple and functional everyday objects.

AVLU is a project by DAY Studio, focusing on local manufacturing techniques and taking advantage of İstanbul’s rich crafts culture especially on the Grand Bazaar area. The aim is to start up a dialogue about the contemporary design language of our locality. First edition of AVLU ‘Istanbul Collection’ was first launched in 2015, the second one ‘Crafted Minimalism’ was launched in 2016. This new series of objects mainly plays around the idea of hidden gems of the city and ordinary mis-en-scenes on the streets from street vendors to typical teahouses of Istanbul.
Doğanberk and Yeşim both say “We believe that Grand Bazaar is an important touchstone for the product culture in Istanbul because of its product variety, the visitor potential but most importantly the varied craft culture that it shelters for centuries. The project consists of a series of collaborations between the DAY Studio designers and the local craftsman. It is an on-going process of documentation of the existing local product and craft cultures, responding this information with a possible new approach in terms of design”. [Annamaria Maffina]