Eco-friendly 3D-printed lamps

May 14, 2018 admin

Decor-Light&Home lamps and accessories by start-up Decor Design are unique pieces from 3D-printing and the use of natural materials, from corn starch to Mediterranean woods

Mattia Belli, young entrepreneur from Viterbo, founder of start-up Decor Design has presented the first collection of indoor lamps with architect Domenico Lo Giudice in 2018, launching the Decor-Light & Home brand.

 To create lamps, vases, outdoor furnishings, components for tables and coffee tables, large 3D printers (diameter of 1 m, height of 1 m) are used. Moreover, his respect for the environment leads him to look for eco-friendly materials and annuallyrenewable sources such as corn starch and the fibers of coconut and olive wood.


3D printer producing Blow lamp

Each lamp is individually crafted, a unique piece that can also be customized, and is made of PLA (polylactic acid) obtained from corn starch. PLA, being particularly transparent and shiny in its natural state, gives the objects beautiful light and color effects.

Thanks to the 3D printer, it is possible to combine different materials to obtain decorative items with unique effects

Decor-Light & Home offers a smart approach to the final customer, providing an innovative service thanks to the direct contact between company, store and purchaser and the possibility of customizing off-the-shelf products or realizing an item starting from an idea of the customer. [GB]