Kids’ Area at HangarBicocca, Milan

Jun 06, 2018 admin

The creative lab of Pirelli HangarBicocca has been furnished by Nidi to make it possible to change its configuration and to allow children maximum freedom

Hangar Bicocca, a reference place for contemporary art, can be enjoyed in different ways also by kids and young teens (from 4 to 14 years old), to whom fun activities and itineraries dedicated to the discovery of artistic languages are addressed

The kids’ area was inaugurated during Eva Kot’átková’s exhibition ‘The Dream Machine is Asleep’ (running until 22 July 2018) with furniture by specialized brand Nidi, belonging to Gruppo Battistella. A practical and functional interior design project that is also cozy and versatile: for example, desks are on castor-wheels or hexagonal so that they can be combined to form different configurations. Shapes and colors are simple and minimal, yet not ordinary, to create an easy and non-invasive environment where kids can freely express themselves.


The collections realized by Nidi have been adapted to a public space, but they have been designed for kids’ bedrooms and playrooms, both as complete programs and individual pieces of furniture to allow you to freely furnish their rooms. Here are some examples from the KIDS and TEENS lines, the latter of which is designed for growing teenagers. [Lucia Bocchi]








Bridge bedroom with bunk bed and bed on castor-wheels, equipped with desk, by Nidi

Bookshelves for babies, kids collection by Nidi