Emerging Talent between Product and Graphic Design

Jun 11, 2018 admin

Matteo Stucchi, from the self-production of sinuous ceramic vases, in 2018 has started working for brands in the wood and wall covering businesses

Matteo Stucchi and his ceramic vases (Photo Federico Mazzetto)

26-year-old Milan-born Matteo Stucchi after a degree in Industrial Design, started self-producing a series of ceramic vases inspired by the female body, understood as a matrix of beauty and creativity. Matteo introduces himself as a ‘product & graphic designer’ and, in 2018, collaborating with two different brands like Tornilegno and Limonta Wall by Limonta 1893 (, he has been expressing his dual vocation for 3D products and the aesthetics of images. All of which, with a certain brightness, also in terms of colors.

From left, West and East vases (Photo Matteo Stucchi)

This is how he explains the deeper reason behind his vases, dedicated to the bodies of women from every part of the world: “The feminine, object of masculine desire, is sublimated into anthropomorphic vases, a tribute to love for life and beauty.” A woman in the nature, of the beginnings, in constant transformation, the West, meets the lean, almost androgynous woman, characterized by the infinite grace that is method and rigor, the East.

From left, North and South vases (Photo Matteo Stucchi)

North and South respectively reveal the breath as strong and ambitious as the cold and blue sky, and the warm, lazy and seducing sinuosity of the south.

For Tornilegno, the young designer created two side tables: one recalls a tailor’s spool with graceful out-of-scale irony; the other is an elegant play of materials and shapes. Matteo Stucchi says he wants to design for “a way of living characterized by beauty and comfort.” A rigorous yet very creative sign, the geometric shape meets the organic one in his works.

Nesso, chestnut and iron side table (left); Spoletta, solid chestnut stool / side table, for Tornilegno (Photo Riccardo Ferrato)

For Limonta Wall’s ‘Italian Wall Couture’ collection by Limonta 1893, Stucchi has ranged from pictorial traits to precise geometries, from material effects – resembling marble, for example – to macro patterns and juxtapositions of symbols, veiled by time.

Incontri wallpaper, Matteo Stucchi for Limonta Wall (Photo courtesy Limonta 1893)


Incontri wallpaper, Matteo Stucchi for Limonta Wall (Photo courtesy Limonta 1893)

Art, poetry and music inspire Matteo Stucchi, making him revive the past with evocative, refined, almost mysterious signs.

[Text Giulia Bruno]

Sapienza wallpaper, Matteo Stucchi for Limonta Wall (Photo courtesy Limonta 1893)