Ping Pong according to Ron Arad

Jun 27, 2018 admin

Ten Layers is the ping pong table that gives the game new configurations, designed by Ron Arad using Silestone® quartz by Cosentino

The amazing ping pong table designed by Ron Arad, made of steel and bronze with Silestone® quartz surfaces by Cosentino

“The idea for 10 Layers came to my mind when I was in the extraordinary plant of the Cosentino Group. When you look at the state of the art production of Dekton® and Silestone®, although you are there for a completely different purpose – cladding a tower – you can’t help but think ‘what else can we do with this magical material?’ So I decided to create something that could allow us to enjoy this material in a completely different way,” said Ron Arad.

“This is why I have designed a ping pong table made of stainless steel and bronze, not a flat one, but one with a curved belly in its length – continued the designer. The idea was to slow the game down and make the rallies longer. The layered stone and the CNC milling allow us to make it curved in all directions, producing a concave surface (convex in its underbelly) made of 10 layers of different colors.

When you machine away the surfaces, using vivid, contrasting colors, the flat layers become perfect circles.” This is how this amazing object was born.


[Text Laura Galimberti]