The Ceramiche Refin‘s FRAME collection, a reference point for the Italian and international ceramics market, is the main protagonist of the 360° Apartment: a refined and elegant residential property located in Alto da Lapa in São Paulo, Brazil.

The owner entrusted the renovation works of his 130 square meters apartment, to the Brazilian architect Diego Revollo.

The client realized immediately that the interior space needed to be radically different, he wanted something personal yet perennial. The result is a new environment characterized by high-quality and original details.

“In contemporary designs, the basic elements are very important, and these do not change all the time. They are perennial” says the Brazilian architect who combined the best of Brazilian design with European influences. A balcony was added and designed as an extension of the living room without having to change the building’s facade.  Exploiting the existing spaces, the innermost sector has been extended up to the balcony door: the environment has been enriched with a big  American walnut wood panel with fixed frame and large sliding doors that give access to two suites. The kitchen and its tiles from Frame Carpet’s collection by Refin, will catch your eye.

So, this collection – conceived by DesignTaleStudio of Refin together with the graphic design STUDIO FM Milano – has been chosen to cover floors, ceilings and walls of the kitchen as well as the floor of the veranda.

In the Frame collection, the graphic language exploits the most modern ceramics technologies, expressing itself through powerful decorative surfaces inspired by the matter, subjects and suggestions of tradition. Studio FM Milano interpreted decorated ceramics with a project that looks to the tradition without falling into the trap of historical falsity or banal citation. The Frame collection is marked by new keys of interpretation, including the fragmentation of the pattern and the change in scale of the decoration; it proposes textures that become creative instruments for the architect and designer and enhance and innovate both residential and commercial settings.