Noctis, a well-established business with over 20 years of history, a great passion and always focused on research in the field of fully Made in Italy upholstered beds, will present at Salone del Mobile 2017 Birdland, the new bed with a unique yet ever-changing personality, the best choice for those who love bright colors and bold color matching.

Birdland is designed to offer a different way to relax: cozy and characterized by a clear-cut design, it provides the feeling of falling asleep surrounded by soft pillows. Furthermore, thanks to its original bedhead formed by six soft removable cushions, the final result is a very funny yet original design piece.

Birdland is available in the fixed model in 6 different widths, or the version equipped with a practical storage box, also available in various different widths.

The bed with container Birdland Wide also comes with the Folding Box ® system. Created and patented by Noctis, the system consists of a bottom panel that can be easily folded, allowing you to easy reach the floor under the bed for cleaning. While with Folding Box Automatic®, opening the space-saving box when your hands are busy is no longer a problem. Just a slight movement of the foot at the center of the footboard and a sensor will open the container in a fully automatic way. To close it again, just touch the sensor and so avoid accidental automatic closures.