Inaugurated at MUDEC – the museum of cultures of Milan, the exhibit titled ‘Kandinsky, il cavaliere errante. In viaggio verso l’astrazione’,

Specifically designed for the Mudec museum – The Museum of Cultures of Milan, the recently inaugurated exhibit, starts from a comparison between art and ethnography. 49 works of the Russian master, 4 icons, 15 popular prints and around 60 decorative objects, some unreleased and coming from most important Russian museums, describe, in four sections, the fascinating pilgrimage Vassilij Kandinsky accomplished in the folklore culture of the Vologda governorate, 500 kilometers north Moscow, as well as the other trip he did – the spiritual one – that took him to revolutionize the expression research, leading him to the abstract art. The exhibit curated by Silvia Burini, from the Study center of the Russian Arts, University Ca’ Foscari of Venice, and by Ada Masoero (MUDEC catalogue), is enriched by multimedia installation, designed and curated by Giuseppe Barbieri, University Ca’ Foscari of Venice. The visitor is immersed in a virtual reality, following Kandinsky’s thought who wanted to “make his spectators take a real walk in his paintings”.