For those who love travelling with style, even though with hair blown by the wind, Bespoke cycle is the right choice. Bella, Berry, Candy, Ghost, Lady D, Sir Alex are just some of the models, that can be rightly considered authentic collectors items.
Originated from old bicycle frames, these products are the result of the collaboration between Francesco Massari, an Italian artisan and bike and motorbikes enthusiasts, and the DAAA Haus studio, with offices in Milan, Ragusa and Malta. The team shares the same passion for biking and design, grown in more than fifties years of experience in both sectors. The artifact features a sophisticated mix of materials and colors – wood in the handlebars, brown leather in the seat in the Ghost model, white and light blue in the women’s model Bella, inspired by the Fifties, brown tires and white seams in the classic Sir Alex. bespokecycles.it