Luciano is the new ceramic Bluetooth table speaker. An elegant and functional object designed by Paolo Cappello for Newblack.

The Italian brand NewBlack® presents Luciano, the new Bluetooth table speaker resembling a trumpet, designed by the industrial designer Paolo Cappello. “Luciano was created focusing first of all on the material more than on the shape. As a designer, I took a step back allowing the material to express itself; my goal was to let it emerge from itself”. It combines function and beauty, design and sound, ceramics and electronics. Luciano is a work of art entirely handmade from its casing to audio system: crafted in Nove, an Italian town renowned for its ceramics, it is equipped with the best components typically found in hi-fi stereo systems which ensures a superior sound quality. Thanks to its Bluetooth 4.0 connection, you can listen to music, selecting your favorite songs directly from your mobile phone.
Luciano is available in six different colors: gentleman black, blush red, deep ocean blue, ivory shiny white, gentleman shiny black and 24k gold.