Sited on the Key Peninsula, Washington state, this charming yet ancestrally beautiful dwelling is nestled into a forested slope. On the west side, the retreat opens to views of the Olympic Mountains – the amazing mountain range on the Olympic Peninsula – and the Puget Sound, the inlet of the Pacific Ocean.

The interior design project was developed by MW Works Architecture + Design, a small and customer-focused Seattle-based design practice founded in 2007 that for the development received a 2016 National AIA Honor Award from the American Institute of Architects.

The composition of the two-storey home, features simple forms, modern nuances, even though finished with vernacular and natural materials, which give it a timeless charm. Solid timber finishes, such as weathered cedar for the cladding, and glazed doors around the main living space and other ambiences of the house, highlight views making the dwelling one thing with the enveloping, luxuriant nature. The 260m² footprint project consists of three straight volumes with flat roof.

One volume encompasses the minimalist yet warm and functional kitchen, which opens onto an ipe deck that further blurs the boundaries between the indoor and the outdoor, also thanks to the door-to-ceiling sliding glass doors, and the living room. The other volume contains the master bedroom. A metal staircase connects the deck to a rooftop terrace. A balance of clean lines and natural materials, this modest retreat is a welcome sanctuary from urban living.