AndreA is the new star of the Swiss company EIKONsolution. It’s a mix between history and future, tradition and revolution. To define it a mannequin, it would be a lack of respect because AndreA is an object of design. Thanks to its unique shapes, it can give body and soul to the creations of those who will choose it.

AndreA was created by the skillful hands of sculptor Alexander Markov and from the will to create a mannequin with advanced technological features, with innovative technical solutions and with a full Italian design. It’s unique design, represents a contemporary woman, fluid, with an “allure” highly iconic, just like the company’s name: EIKON.

Born through an artisanal process, AndreA was later created and developed using the latest 3D technologies. It has a low environmental impact, thanks to Susterra®, the new DuPont resin. For AndreA EIKONsolution patented B-Link, the new fitting system, which makes the mannequin positioning stable and rapid with two simple connections without using other hardware.