The Indian designer Abinaya Devakumar and her brand named Lemniscate create “infinite solutions to never ending problems”. Abinaya after earning a master’s degree in Product Design at IED (European Institute of Design) , has decided to design products, taking into account the environmental and social aspects by using sustainable and natural materials and helping the livelihood of people who live in small villages, offering them a job.

An example is given by Carrylit, a portable leather bag with an integrated light inspired by the “dabba” Indian lunch box. This object has been designed to accompany you wherever you will go, it is a functional bag that can light up any space and is available in two different geometric shapes: round or square. Moreover, in order to ensure a high level of personalization, it can be separated from the bag, or can act as a lantern if left inside the bag. Carrylit is in step with the times, indeed, it boasts a USB rechargeable charging (lasting up to 8 hours) and an App that allows you to control the intensity of light without having the product near you. This original product also stands out for its materials: it is made of vegetable tanned cow leather and an hand-woven fabric (named “Khadi”).