Once again, the beautiful and very original creations of Ryota Yokozeki, young Japanese designer who in 2012 founded the Ketchup.Inc studio, enriched the Salone Satellite of Milan. After several successes and achievements (including the l’IF Design Award and the Good Design Award, in 2010), and striking collections, such as Aziome – a tribute to the indigo, the world’s oldest material for dyeing – this year Ryota Yokozeki displayed at Milan’s Salone Satellite a play of shapes, materials colors and… point of view.  The “Fold series” is a sophisticated furniture system made with folded metal sheets. Forming a 3-dimensional shape with folded metal sheets, it connects the object and space naturally. From one angle, it looks like a box. But from the other angle, it looks like a plate. 
The “F shelf” is a modular shelving system made up of folded metal structures and wooden planks. The shelf can be easily expanded by simply changing the quantity and position of the metal structures. The metal structure also doubles as a bookend. 
The “F side table” is not just a side table, but can also be used as a sitting stool. By combining two F side tables, it transforms into a storage space. The slit at the back cleverly allows the cables from your electrical appliances to pass through naturally.