How many times have we changed homes in our lives? If you were me, seven!

What if there were possibilities that could simplify or give alternatives to moving house? Let’s look at an interesting project, the micro houses Joyce.

There are two formats: one for constructing an independent building, the other for expansion. With Joyce, you can think of building your own single home with the Free Life concept: just over 100,000 euros, an 85 square meter house that grows over time with the addition of housing modules and new rooms. With the “expansion” solution, however, you can also increase the space of your home, choosing between Pure Life, Easy Life and Comfort Life: three designs that add a volume to your home.

The mini dwellings are made of wood (natural, ecological and renewable). Joyce takes care of everything: urban planning practices, design, construction management. All this with definite timescales and clear costs.

With Free Life we start from a basic size of 82.5 square meters: a space complete with bedroom, large bathroom with shower, kitchen and living area. In addition, the house continues outside with a porch, designed to accommodate a spa in stainless steel. Every detail – from the choice of materials to the design of the spaces, from the systems to the finishes – is studied in every detail to obtain a beautiful, comfortable and welcoming environment. The great novelty brought by Free Life is the possibility to expand the house when the needs change. You can, in fact, add a new room or extend the living area.

The home can grow and develop, with maximum versatility, following new life projects and giving shape to the dreams and desires of those who live there. Joyce is certified as class A home that use wood as a central architectural element because it is an excellent thermal, electrical and acoustic insulation, is completely biodegradable and renewable.

Each Free Life home is designed to promote maximum psycho-physical balance, through solutions that improve the microclimate of the interior, the acoustics and natural light of the environment. In addition, each house has been designed for photovoltaic systems, home automation, alarm and can be enhanced with hot tubs, saunas and blackout curtains.

Joyce proposes a formula of great aesthetic impact for the expansion of your home.

There are three available styles: Pure Life, dynamism and symmetries with a strong visual impact; Easy Life, wood and attractive geometries for a natural beauty; Comfort Life, rounded contours and soft lines for a pleasant and harmonious shape.

A living experience that can be created in four formats that allow for different uses. Spa – for relaxation, exclusive and even more complete wellness, thanks to the wellness area with spa, sauna and Turkish bath. Convivium – for dinners and parties with a large living area ideal for staying with friends. Study – for work, a large and bright environment designed for business meetings or to receive customers. Guest – for guests and family: the right compromise for young people looking for freedom who don’t want to leave their family too far or for those who have elderly parents and want to have them close, but also for relatives or friends.