A worn and torn, impossible to use, 30,000 sq.mt. surface, fully renovated and laid in a smart manner. The refurbishment project involved the surface manufacturer GranitiFiandre . The aim was redeveloping and restyling the former Arese-based Alfa Romeo’s production and managing site. The work was carried out by the architectural practice Camerana&Partners, that developed the project creating a “brand architecture” that, summarizing in a futuristic layout the engineering and distinctive features (color, line, dynamicity) of the automotive brand, renewed the corporate image of the popular “red” car. Involved by the FCA group for the renovation and refurbishment project of the Alfa Romeo Museum, GranitiFiandre met the needs of this prestigious client creating a high quality, long-lasting and easy to lay product, able to meet most demanding aesthetic requirements. Basing on Maximum Fiandre Extralite® technology, the company created sustainable tiles very similar to the previous one, in large format (100×100), very lightweight and thin (6 mm), but very resistant too. The new Alfa Romeo Black by Fiandre slabs are easy to handle and lay; they are very lightweight and resistant, therefore ideal in cars showrooms and museums. They are chemical aggression and scratch resistant, therefore don’t change over time. GranitiFiandre was also responsible for the built-in the floor information panels, that allow to enhance the chronological sequence of the cars. A special sandblasting technique, refined with resins in corporate red, made this peculiar process possible on gres porcelain tiles.