In Milan, the city symbolizing design, the elegant Conti Guest House was opened. It embodies an urban chic style. For the restoration and interior design project, was chosen architect Nicola Gisonda, whose strategic choices resulted in a facility in perfect compliance with the needs of a global clientele who travels for business, tourism, etc. The ownership aimed at promoting the guest house as a luxury ‘residence’ and a place in which guests feel at home, living and working in a relaxed, domestic atmosphere. The hospitality offered revolves around the idea of elegance even though with a less formal taste, if compared to larger facilities, paying great attention to each detail. Located in a quiet central residential district not far from the downtown, Conti Guest House has been organized inside a three-story building dating back to the early Twentieth Century. Basing on the idea of the ‘English village’, the project is developed preserving the site’s existing morphology and identity. All accommodations are equipped with private bathrooms and include four double and two single rooms, for a total of ten guests. Rooms are characterizes by a contemporary design that points to the study of volumes and the conformation of spaces enhancing comfort and functionality.

Nothing was left to chance, including the accessories, all custom items based on the finest Italian craftsmanship. Natural materials such as wood and marble are combined with an attentive color palette, thus making the spaces warm and welcoming, to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere after spending a day in the hectic city of Milan. To expand the concept of hospitality there is a living area with a fully equipped kitchen accessible at all times of the day, which makes it functional for socialize. For relaxing, however, there is a dehor with a private garden that make this area a pleasant oasis of peace and quite. Aiming at being an “authentic universe for the travellers”, a lively place to live, Conti Guest House offers a wide range of services to meet specific needs. There is a full coverage Wi-Fi at the rooms and at all public areas, and an access to the property with private code. On request you can book transfers to and from airport / train station, rental a car, book tickets for museums / theaters, etc. Breakfast is available every morning from 7.30 a.m. to 9.30 a.m. at the living area. For those who will have to leave the hotel in the early morning, there is an Early breakfast box, a complete tray for not give up to the first meal of the day. There are some bicycles for those who love visiting the city moving faster.

“Feel good is essential for those who travel for business or tourism” – remind the owners Marta Conti and Laura Ratti “and this is why we wanted to recreate, in the city of Milan, a pleasant structure with an environment design where guests can spend a quality time”. Conti Guest House, combines design, elegance, good style, modernity and functionality, adapting his own essence. It’s projected toward the future, toward a contemporary concept of luxury that cuddle the customer allowing to be at home when he is far from it.