“For me drawing also entails awareness of the body, complete with its natural need to move, for I feel strongly that in today’s world it demands forms of clothing all the more immediate and essential. Pretty much in total – almost amazing – sync with the lines and marks defining my sketches…”

(from Gianfranco Ferré’s notes)

Cremona, magnificent city of music, violins and sound studies, as well as hub of the territory from which the family of the famous fashion designer Gianfranco Ferré’s – mother came. From Aprile. 21st until June, 18th, 2017 the city of Cremona is going to host the exhibition titled “Gianfranco Ferré. Fashion, drawings tell the story” (Gianfranco Ferré. Moda, un racconto nei disegni). The exhibit displays more than a hundred drawings signed by the designer. Arranged in groups on the basis of thematic and chromatic affinities, as well as a commonality of graphic elements, they take center stage at the extraordinary Santa Maria della Pietà Cultural Center in Piazza Giovanni XXIII – as ever, an important reference point in Italy for the display of graphic artworks (etchings, drawings, comics).

The exhibition also includes some of the designer’s fashion creations, which here become concrete transpositions in the form of shapes and volumes, materials and techniques, lace and embroidery of the design concepts and poetic impulses that Ferré expressed through his drawings.

Moreover, on May 18th, in honor of Cremona and her celebrations for the 450th anniversary of the birth of Claudio Monteverdi, father of opera, a lecture on “Gianfranco Ferré. Moda, un racconto nella musica” (Gianfranco Ferré. Fashion, Music Tells the Story) will take place. All about the role soundtracks play during fashion shows, the lecture will focus on how – with the aid of outstanding sound designers – the designer succeeds in creating novel arrangements, bold mixes, surprising sounds of diverse origin. So spotlighting how music is a complementary component of the emotions sparked by clothes.