In the Apulia Region, South Italy, at the feet of the Frederick’s manor, a UNESCO heritage site, is located an innovative private dwelling, recently renovated to perfectly harmonize with the surrounding nature and the local social fabric. The renovation project of Villa PNK has been entrusted to m12 AD, led by architect Michelangelo Olivieri, who has accepted the challenge of turning a country house into a sophisticated residence, giving it a new look, but mostly, making it an authentic example of sustainable and energetically efficient house. The villa PNK had been for years the summer residence of a friendly and cheery family that has always opened its doors to relatives and friends to enjoy a sunny day outdoors, but also for dinners, parties and happy occasions.

m12 AD has developed a completely innovative project, rebuilding and redesigning all internal and external parts of the villa, while trying to preserve its convivial soul. “The villa has been actually designed as a large open-plan space, a fluid space, an almost floating environment, leading to a spacious central room, lit by a large skylight, the real hub of the house” – explains Michelangelo Olivieri. “All the rooms open onto a large living room. A wall, with built-in fireplace and TV system, separates the living room from the bedroom. We have decided to define in this way the rooms of the villa to symbolize the family members who meet and live in a shared and welcoming area, full of reassuring light, warmed by a thermal fireplace, which is ultimately the symbol of the home”.

The PNK villa is an exercise of style as well as an eco-sustainable home. Through innovative building methods and materials, m12 AD has designed a home with a refined and minimalist look, immersed in the Apulian countryside, characterized by a low thermal mass, ready to face temperature peaks caused by the sun or other heat sources, as well as to control humidity, avoiding expensive temperature regulation systems and energy wastes. The villa PNK exterior cladding is designed as a ventilated facade, covered in Parklex®, a fire resistant and durable laminboard in natural wood. This material made from natural wood perfectly harmonizes with the environment, ensuring maximum permeability, weather protection and thermal insulation, avoiding condensation. The skin in Parklex® has been applied on tuff insulated with EPS panels and on a masonry of perforated bricks, spaced by an air chamber. The aluminum frames are also equipped with an internal air chamber in which circulates argon, additional barrier to sunlight, weather and water. The foundations of the house has been emptied and lowered of 60 cm, in order to apply the igloo. This solution has allowed an underground ventilation system, granting the absence of moisture from below. A perfect balance with the surrounding nature, without disturbing the harmony, rather highlighting the landscape richness. The north and the facades are actually equipped with longitudinal windows to better enjoy the view of the old pine trees.