IONDESIGN is a studio for 3-dimensional design, founded by Anja Götz and Christoph Fleckenstein in 1993 in Berlin. Among its latest creations, we would like to mention “The mobile marking for parking spaces” which – developed in partnership with the German company ATL – received one of the most important German design awards: the Red Dot Award 2017.

Different barriers, brackets, bollards which can be folded down with a key, are installed on private parking areas, sometimes accompanied by improvised “signs” such as paper printouts in transparent covers. These solutions are poorly visible, short-lasting and above all, create parking chaos, but IONDESIGN has the solution to this confusing signage: “The mobile marking for parking spaces”, a functional object that will allow to better organize parking spaces.

The mobile bollard consists of a concrete base, which provides more stability to the object, and a top part, which has the size of a license plate and can allows the placement of the name of the tenant,  the logo of the company or the “Guests” inscription, so they all can quickly find “their” parking. In addition, various colorings of the plastic allow the differentiation of different parking categories (as you can see in the pictures). A marking which is placed at the beginning of a parking area means: this place is blocked and free to rent. If the marking is at the end of the area, it reserves the parking space for its tenant. The stacking function of the product allows space-saving storage when not in use.