After being at Dubai Design week, Stockholm Furniture Fair and Milan Design Week, it is now ready to present its works to the US during the New York Design Week. We are talking about Toru, a young craft and design company,  founded in 2015 by Jordi Ribaudí in Igualada (Barcelona). It has its roots in the local leather industry, and is located in a restored nineteenth century tannery. Indeed, its collections are characterized by the use of high-quality leather, produced locally with the highest standards of craftsmanship, using vegetable-tanned leather only. It experiments with the material to create original forms. All its products are handmade by local artisans, and are either unique or produced in small series.

We want to present here one of their products: Babu, a chair designed by Jordi Ribaudí. Its design is inspired by the great journeys of the desert tribes, during which men feel close to the earth, rest on it and merge with the landscape. Babu is a spot for relaxation and meditation; a place to rest, a shelter.

For all these reasons, Babu has been defined as “nomadic chair”. It has no legs but only two small brass feet that allow its stability. The backrest consists of two joined leather sheets of 8 mm thickness, available in different colors: black, brown, hazelnut, natural. The seat cushion is available in velvet and leather.