Recently, I was in Spain to visit TheSize‘s production site. A very interesting visit, which allowed us to discover technologies and designs characterising Neolith, the sintered stone produced by the company and now well known all over the world.

The Neolith slabs are made of clay, feldspar, silicon and natural mineral oxides, which make the material 100% recyclable. Thus, any Neolith sheet is composed of up to 52% natural recycled materials. In addition, these surfaces don’t release toxic chemicals and so are safe and hygienic also for the realization of dining tables and kitchen tops (and here I point out the ideal 20 mm thicknesses for this sector). Other potential applications include coatings for bathrooms, kitchens, walls and floors, as well as fireplaces.

The minimum sheet thickness of 3 mm is the ideal choice for wood veneering, while with 12 mm the Neolith surfaces can be joined together to create thicker options and meet the needs of all tastes and requirements. Neolith is also available in large slabs for seamless installation in long tables, large drawers of sideboards and cabinets.

What really impressed me was the wide range of colors available, which in my opinion makes of Neolith a sort of “personal project”. The range of colors includes absolute black and Carrara white; on the latter example, we can say that Blanco Carrara is the result of a meticulous selection process. TheSize’s interior designers collect dozens of natural Carrara marbles throughout Italy, and each one marks the exact qualities and characteristics that will be replicated on the Neolith slabs. With this approach to design, the final product is an authentically unique entity, rich in natural aesthetic elements, exclusive to TheSize, so it can be said that literally there is no exactly identical natural stone. (Claudio Moltani)