Minerva by Hafro-Geromin is not a simple whirlpool bathtub. The indoor model is an exclusive bathtub, available in the 215×150 and 200×150 sizes, that can be wall or corner mounted, and is also available in the free-standing version with self supporting structure. The outdoor model (in the size 200×150) can be arranged on terraces, penthouses or under a porch.

Minerva is a smart, advanced, 100% made in Italy bathtub, entirely on-site manufactured, that features cutting-edge functions and technologies.

Its whirlpool system is characterized by infinity overflow system: water remains 4 cm under the tub level, and the exceeding water drains or, in case of recirculation systems, is recovered and brought back into the tub. It is equipped with sanitizing systems and, the models with automatic recirculation system, with filter cartridge and UV rays sanitizing system. While immersed in the Minerva bathtub, you can listen to music through Bluetooth, enjoying the benefits of chromotherapy.

Discover the main features of Minerva for the outdoor and the indoor. Many available functions, and details which make these whirlpool design bathtubs unique in their own kind.