Alessandro Criscito is a designer from Chile who approaches design in a very original and contemplative manner, thus creating unique yet very impactful pieces. His latest collection includes several variations, which allow him to make very original pieces: a wide array of colors, materials and shapes. He undertook a long training pathway, in strict relation with his consciousness and life experiences. Everything Criscito knows about art and design, was self-taught. This is actually an added value for his career. The works created by this designer, are both small and big sized, oil painting or acrylic painting, ad-hoc projects and even comprehensive furniture collections. These latter are based on his need to make art and design fields, meet. Each model was given a ‘spirit’, and is implemented starting from a concept. In some cases, geometric lines of ad-hoc made elastic materials, are predominant, in other, new texture systems and playful mechanism invite those who use them to live new experiences. According to the designer, technology in his collection is important or rather essential. As for instance doors and drawers with soft closing system. These collections are designed for those who love design, innovation and originality. In the picture, Alessandro Criscito with Diamante (cm 151x72x44), a container made of wood and metal with 3D geometry evoking a diamond; it can be opened with three doors and can be fully closed. Diamante, doors with soft closing system, contains internal shelves in tempered glass that allow better visibility even in case of very hidden objects.

In order of appearance Silencio and Caos. The first (cm 151x72x44) is made of wood, metal, tempered glass; it was designed to elegantly and finely store various objects. The model was called Silencio, because of its ‘humble’ and silent spirit. The second (cm 181x62x44), is made of wood, elastic band and metal. Through the band, this piece of furniture invents a new concept of door, featuring a series of geometric lines. Particular and stylish, Caos invites people to interact; the elastic is permeable and positioned on the front side, slightly showing the things inside it.