This place is located in the countryside around the Stupinigi Park, just outside Turin, and it’ s named Casa Format. It’s a lot of things together: Casa Format is a restaurant, a place where you can stop for lunch or dinner and enjoy the seasonal food on the table, the fresh food collected directly from the 2,000 square meters vegetable garden, which caters to the kitchen and beyond.

Casa Format is hospitality: 5 rooms, each one with its own personality, furnished by architects who make this place a sort of showroom. A quiet 2.0 inn, far from the chaos of the city (although it can be reached in just 20 minutes by car from Turin) where you can stay for one or more nights.

The rooms are controlled in home automation and with a simple card which reads and communicates to doors, lights, electric curtains to operate, as well as to heating or air conditioning, to heat or cool. Casa Format is technology: the most advanced technology that, through home automation, geothermal energy, solar panels, has translated into reality the full eco-compatibility and zero environmental impact, as witnessed by the certification CasaClima.

And then there’ s the vegetable garden, two thousand square meters of natural pantry from which the restaurant draws all the vegetables for cooking, following a strict seasonality and where they are also grown ancient vegetables that are no longer on the table.  Fresh vegetables collected and immediately brought to the table of Casa Format or transformed into preserves, in oil and vinegar, as our grandmothers did.

A way to rediscover the ancient, the genuine and the good of a friendly nature, treated with respect and love, far from the concept of land use and any waste. Here Igor Macchia and Giovanni Grasso, Chef of the starred restaurant La Credenza in San Maurizio Canavese, entrusted some young chefs and maître d’ to convey the values of Casa Format.