Established in 2008 by the family owner of the Club Med, in cooperation with Philippe Starck, the Mama Shelter chain breathed new life into the hospitality industry. These hotels are conceived as very appealing yet affordable places that aim at making guests feel at home, with a mythological ‘mama’ providing for anything. From the “mama’s cooking menu, to the bathroom amenities branded “mama’s loves you from head to toe” – everything is designed to give the clients great comfort. In a very short time, all the Mama Shelters (Paris, Lion, Marseille, Bordeaux and Los Angeles), have become a reference point of the cities hosting them, also thanks to the bars and restaurants that can be accessed from the reception area, keeping the hotels lively 365 days a year.

The business growth has been confirmed by late 2016 with the inauguration of the Rio de Janeiro’s Mama Shelter, located in the very central Santa Teresa district. The building occupies two pre-existing palaces linked by a courtyard. The interior designed was developed by Jalil Amor, former assistant of Starck who inherited the bold and over-the-top style of his teacher. The spaces are very colored and made unique by the works of local artists such as Zemog, Jabeiro and even Huni Kuin, native of the Amazon rainforest who unveiled local traditions to the general public. The building has two storeys and 55 rooms split into four categories:  small, medium, large e XL. There are also three adjoining apartments used as artist residence or used to promote shared creative works. Each room is customized by wall works, such as funny writing or paintings. Some enjoy a stunning view of the Morro Dois Irmãos. Resin flooring and grey walls are the base of colored rugs and refined accessories which, thanks to bright colors and vintage objects, reinterpret the Brazilian style. Also the Rio-based Mama Shelter hosts a public spot, the Island Bar. A central counter, a perimeter bench with cushions and a small amphitheater in wood for live gigs – the perfect place to have a drink with your friends. You can also sit outside, in the patio equipped with seats and coffee tables shaded by tall trees.