Juno is the latest project developed by Mandelli 1953 , and is based on the idea of using concrete as building material in the handle industry. It is a very impactful object, characterized by minimalist design, as well as original and rich details that make it unique.

The escutcheon that completes the composition is hidden by the body of the handle, which is now wider to ensure a minimalist profile. The tactile look of concrete, seems to disappear thanks to the nanotechnologies that make it homogenous to view and touch, as if it was very flexible material. The creative process – from the basic idea, to the sketch on paper – materializes in a production process in which the handle is taken from the mold and is ready to be matched to the proper escutcheon. This latter is available in five different finishes that can be combined to different nuances of concrete. Actually, also concrete can be colored in natural nuances, grey or sand tones, up to powder pink.

The researches developed by Mandelli are the added value of this future-oriented company featuring new concepts, design and materials, to be applied to the wide product range.

Thanks to the Juno handle, the company adds to the design industry a very original object in terms of shape, line and materials.