Boffetto was established by professionals and entrepreneurs who gathered in the company more than 10 years of experience in both design and industry in order to produce outstanding furniture and interior accessories for residential and contract environments. The most advanced technology matching with the excellent Italian craftsmanship.

New forms are transformed in pieces of furniture connecting past and future. Objects are free to move toward new combinations and forms, discovering original settings. Sobriety and the classical elegance of natural resources and materials such as wood, stone and metal are matched with innovative materials manufactured with a right mix of both design and technology, enhancing unique objects designed and manufactured by Boffetto, unique in their application.

Both Italian creativity and business organization provide Boffetto products market opportunities on the national and international stage, including a wide range of goods for the contract market through a network of experienced sales representatives and shops.

Conceived by the architects Giorgia and Marco Giacuzzo, the Metropolitan collection ( in the pictures) is characterized by an original, urban minimalist design. It features very simple lines, and a flawless pattern that result in unique pieces.

METROPOLITAN collection reveals 3D optical illusions originated by the particular use of joints and the ephemeral house of cards’ balance with rigorous lines that are part of all collection’s pieces.

A keen attention is paid to the selection of materials that contaminate one another so as to create interesting successive layers with original effects. Burnished iron, wood, natural stones, porcelain stoneware, solid surface and leather cover each one’s texture and each effect regarding the contrast play.

The collection includes a table, a coffee table, a bookcase, a lamp, a table lamp and a pendant light.