DPG is the new series of desk panels LINAK consisting of 4 versions ranging from a simple up/down panel to advanced versions with sophisticated features.

When creating DPG, different researches have been carried out and various experts within behavioral design have been consulted. Thanks to these results and suggestions LINAK designed a solution that will make users use height adjustable desks more frequently and in a new way.

According to researches, they know that in order to use a height adjustable office desk, the desks panel is essential and needs to be intuitive and motivational (remembering the user to change the posture of his or her body).

Research proves that being reminded to stand up during a workday, results in an increased usage of the desk. So, reminders are integrated into three of the four DPG desk panels either via LED light and/or via notifications in the app.

Indeed, desk panels need to be also digital. Bluetooth® technology is integrated into three of the four DPG desk panels and the Desk Control™ app will help the user to change its sedentary lifestyle, opting for a more dynamic one, even during a workday.