Villa Kalli, a luxury villa that seems to plunge into the sea

Villa Kali is a recent residential architecture born from the synergic work between two internationally renowned studios located in Lebanon – Blankpage Architects – known for its design approach that starts from a ‘blank page’ – and Karim Nader, which makes of nature the true protagonist of all its creations. As a matter of fact, Villa Kali seems a true gift of nature.

villa kali-villa-di-lusso-libano

Located in Mounsef, Lebanese town overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, situated 50 km north of the capital, and close to the ancient city of Byblos, heart of the Phoenician civilization, the realization of Villa Kali took over four years of hard work. An ambitious project, studied in every detail so as to recall, or rather interpret, the local landscape elements: sun, water, air and the coastal rock formations which inspired the structure of the villa.

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Indeed, it consists of several overlapping storeys, exactly as a geologic formation with its many layers of rocks. As in traditional dwellings, all rooms have a wonderful view on the inner courtyard that overlooks the sea, while the two side façades embrace the surrounding landscape and nature.

The villa covers a total area of 2000 square meters spread over two volumes with a V-shape, held together by walkways. The two side wings direct people’s gaze towards the sea through an ample staircase that leads from the garage to a suggestive entrance.

Around this public area, that may be sheltered or totally opened up to the natural elements by means of a sliding glass door system, we can find the living room, the bar, the gym and the kitchen. From the entrance it is possible to reach the terrace, walk towards the pool and descend towards the beach.

The two upper floors boast 11 bedrooms that overlook the shoreline and the water, and other living rooms. The suspended terrace facilitates a direct dialogue between the two wings of the villa. A garden roof completes the composition, referencing once again to the rock formations of the site

Photos: Nadim Asfar e Marwan Harmouche

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