The architectural firm Hit arcHITects, is the creator of the renovation project of Myke Fish&Burger Bar, a street food restaurant in Isola – Milan.

A street food restaurant with international vibes characterized by a very particular feature: each dish is cooked at low temperature, aiming at the enhancement of the taste, making food more delicious, natural, digestible and nutritious. Meticulous use of colors, lighting, materials, ornamental plants and a natural feeling with the aim to enhance the spirit of the location and the authenticity of the culinary menus.

The architecture of the internal area combined the original “cementine” floor which is white, red and black with strong blue lines on the walls and the white ceramic finishes, creating a strong contrast with the black graphic elements and the blackboard. In the 55 square meter space, the elements of the earth and the sea come together with a large elevated cage, made of carpentry rod, in which ornamental plants and spices are positioned. During the summer, the Bar has an outside patio in direct contact with the interior space thanks its large front windows. “By playing with these combinations of architectural and design elements we wanted to represent the unusual combinations between cocktails and street food that characterize the restaurant’s dishes, with flavors and harmonies of pure taste. We wanted to express at its best the soul of the location in its aesthetics”, says Tomaso Piantini, founder of the architectural firm HIT arcHITects.

The combination of the different style in terms of colors used, architectural elements and peculiar lighting characterized by vintage chandeliers, allow the Bar to obtain that “street” feeling, totally in line with the style that the new district Isola in Milan is embracing. The use of natural material, neutral colors, Mediterranean spices and plants reinforce even more the Made in Italy style enabling Myke Fish&Burger Bar to be even more convivial and stylish.