Martyn Lawrence Bullard is worldwide renowned British interior designer based in LA. His glamorous clients are movies and fashion celebrities, including Cher, Eva Mendes o Tommy Hilfiger, just to mention a few (by the way, the fashion designer’s flagship home in Miami designed by Martyn Lawrence Bullard, is now on sale for 27 million dollars), major hotel managers (among which the Four Seasons in Los Angeles), and his projects are featured in main interior design magazines. Named one of the top 25 designers by The Hollywood Reporter, member of the Million Dollar Decorators, as well as author of the acclaimed book published by Rizzoli Usa Design&Decoration.

An authentic celebrity in himself, who, when not traveling the globe, spends his time in his romantic Hollywood Hill retreats.

“Watsonia” – this is the name of the dwelling nestled at Whitley Heights, a residential neighborhood of LA, is a charming and exotically sumptuous house with a vibrant history. Built in 1924 for a German silent movie director, its first inhabitant was actually Rudolph Valentino. Following Valentino’s stay at this Whitley Heights oasis, Gloria Swanson made it her home twice.

Subsequent to Swanson, William Faulkner, playwright extraordinaire and writer, lived in the house. It was on Lawrence-Bullard’s balcony that Faulkner wrote the award-winning screenplay for the film All About Eve.

Purchased in 2003, it was clear to Lawrence-Bullard that the home needed a complete restoration and began with replacing the damaged wood floors with exquisite reclaimed antique wood from an old barn in Idaho. Antique French limestone and terracotta were chosen for the magnificent lush patios’ floors and in a surprising turn of events an original 19th century tile floor was uncovered in the kitchen. The four tiered gardens, hidden nooks, and seamless indoor/outdoor space consistently serve as an idyllic backdrop for wildly fantastic themed soirées as well as intimate gatherings with celebrities such as Cher, Elton John, Ozzie Osbourne, Christian Louboutin, Tamara Mellon, and Christina Aguilera. For the interior, Lawrence-Bullard felt strongly about allowing the architectural style of the house act as his guide. Every inch of the space is covered in exotic luxurious objects although the emphasis of the decor is on 18th century Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian furniture. Lawrence-Bullard meticulously selected each and every item. Tobacco-hued carved woods, sexy vibrant fabrics, and shimmering details of crystal and silver all work in harmony to deliver an enigmatic grounded sensuality that is the hallmark of Lawrence-Bullard’s work.