In Bodrum, Turkey, an elegant yet homely villa with a strong Mediterranean  soul.

In some places on earth there’s not enough ground to hold on and get inspired of when designing, but Bodrum is definitely not one of those places. Ignoring the rich culture and geographical context, the local values, materials and architectural approaches, Mandarin Oriental’s architectural design came up with an accustomed modern design dwelling which can blend in any modern city like Los Angeles, Sydney or Dubai, but not in Bodrum.

Y House is situated in this dwelling of Mandarin Oriental Residences in Golkoy, Bodrum. Whilst Mandarin’s disconnected approach from local context, Ofist / Yasemin Arpac & Sabahattin Emir project’s main drive was to ‘mediterranize’ hence to create a house harmonious with the local culture and geographical context. A house to be used any time throughout the year by a family with two teenagers. Simple yet sophisticated, homely yet elegant.

Natural materials like wood, iron and stone were applied with local taste.  The slate used on the walls, textured plaster walls, lath ornaments on the ceilings are recalling the traditional applications. Underneath the plain, high ceilings in the living area, a floating panel as a second layer was put into practice as a model of an old, traditional wooden structured ceiling.