The eco-friendly facades that purify the air are the result of a partnership between the Spanish company and Pureti, American manufacturer of water-based photo catalytic surface modifiers.

Neolith® by TheSize has teamed up with PURETi, a manufacturer of water-based photo catalytic preventative maintenance solutions, to offer architects and designers a sustainable architectural surface treatment for exterior façades.

From June 2017, the eco-friendly Pureti surface treatment is available for use on Neolith’s 6mm slabs. In this way, the sintered stone façades are turned into self-cleaning air purifiers that, consequently, it reverses pollution, improves air quality and enables the Neolith slabs to stay cleaner for longer.

This brilliant technology has the ability to reduce air pollution by destroying nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds that contact the treated surface, using just the energy from natural sunlight.

Considering that the UE set the goal of CO2 emissions reduction by 20%, by 2020 (from the standards of 1990), choosing Neolith and Pureti Technology allows to obtain LEED credits, usually assigned depending on use and impact of materials used in the building sector on human health and environment.