Two international researches investigate the use of the bathroom.

The classic question is: “Do you prefer to have a shower or to take a hot bath?” But the answer is misguided by the lack of time and/or space in the bathroom, which led most of us to opt for a fast, toning shower!

The question: “would you rather have a shower or take a hot bath?” is more appropriate since this conditional form could led different people to choose the bathtub.

Instead of a test, Jacuzzi commissioned to ADN Kronos a research on the U.S.A. market,

coming up with the neologism ‘Bathlete’ that means bath lovers, or better those who take a nice hot bath at least once a week. The whirlpool brand, with a natural propensity for the bathtub, has chosen America for its research because of its leading market, a market that can change the habits of other countries and so able to bring the bathtub back in our homes.

The most striking results of the survey: more than 1/3 of Americans are excited about taking a bath in the bathtub; the best times to do so are Sunday evening and Monday morning.

And it’s not true that women are those who take more baths, men opts for bathtub in equal measure. And even the 25-44 year-old individuals love the bath rite, not just middle-aged people.

On the other hand, we should say that shower cabin boasts a lot of product innovations: the power showerheads, even with rain and waterfall effects, music and chromotherapy; double shower box with sauna and Turkish bath functions.

The importance of bathroom as a place of comfort is steadily growing, this is confirmed by another survey recently carried out by GfK (27,000 people interviewed in America, Asia and Europe): Italians are those who spend more time in the bathroom, 6 hours a week!