HOMI, the Lifestyle Trade Fair, will be presenting the Design Competition ‘CONDIVISIONE’ (‘SHARING’), to showcase the design prototypes of the future.

The second edition of Milano Fall Design Week, organized by the Municipality of Milan, will be taking place from 7 to 15 October 2017.

An extensive schedule of meetings, conventions, exhibitions and installations designed and staged by the main operators within the design and architecture fields, with widespread activities and initiatives spanning the Milan region and an important opportunity for HOMI, the Fiera Milano Lifestyle Trade Fair committed to promoting the new dimensions of design and to supporting the most innovative of creativity.

 As part of the varied events schedule at Milano Fall Design Week, HOMI will see the talented emerging designers and protagonists of Design Competition – the initiative promoted by the Lombardy Region in collaboration with Unioncamere Lombardia and ADI (Italian Association for Industrial Design), attend the exhibition event scheduled to take place from 7 to 15 October at the Doxa headquarter of Milan, Via Panizza, 7.

Inspired by the theme of ‘sharing’, the Design Competition prototypes, destined to become mass-produced products, will be presented to everyone attending Fall Design Week held at Doxa headquarter.

The objects on display will represent the new lifestyle requisites: saving space, restoring everyday materials and re-discovering simple forms without foregoing elegance.

They are indoor and outdoor home accessories, decorative objects, tableware and kitchen articles, bathroom accessories, indoor lighting, toys and children’s furnishings, bijoux and personal accessories.

 Imaginative modular and re-compactable furniture will be on display alongside ‘flexibly’ designed home furnishings that can be adapted to fit the available space and aesthetic taste of the owner, multi-purpose toys that create sensorial environments and experiences for the child, elegant accessories that are both convertible and multi-functional for use in the kitchen,

fun lifestyle ideas enabling the whole family to experience the home environment in a new way and exceptionally elegant jewellery born of unique aesthetic intuition and unusual production techniques.

Thanks to the exhibition, HOMI once again confirms its status as an active promoter of the future of houseware and personal accessories at one of the occasions most awash with suggestions of the increasingly dynamic Milan design tradition.

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