LUCA CURCI ARCHITECTS is an architectural practice that deals with architecture, design, structural calculation, bioclimatic planning and green building, consolidations and restructuring, monumental restoration, urban design, leisure/ sport spaces planning, furniture and interior design.

According to the practice, the quality of our life is strongly influenced by the quality of the edifices we live in and that surround us. That’s why the relationship between the man and the environment is pivotal.

Among the large number of enchanting developments carried out by this studio, we would the stunning Organic Cities.

Basing on the unique idea of the organic cities, this project aims at becoming a landmark for the Persian Gulf skyline.

The organic buildings are authentic urban complexes, including residential units, business divisions, shopping malls and wellness areas, as well as cultural centers devoted to social life. The final goal is to create a common place where people can live, meet, learn, work, socialize and create new mixing cultures.

The project is split into groups: organic buildings on the earth, and “moons” on the sea. All of them are connected and linked one to another through roads, parks, and running streets. The aggregations on the ground floor are futuristic and have organic shapes. The “moons” on the sea are divided into 3 kinds: the smaller are private residences with their own access from the sea and from the air. The middle “moons” are hotels that can be reached by the sea, the road and the air. The biggest “moons” are residences, hotels and private apartments.

The aggregations of buildings will be the future and evolution of contemporary metropolis, the cities of the future.

The masterplan has been created to be flexible and to evolve, depending on the different needed places.

The total floor area will host more than 150,000 residents, with 50% of the lot area dedicated to green and connections, open areas, common grounds and meeting places. More than 800,000 square meters will be devoted to tourist facilities, Spas, wellness areas, 6,300,000 square meters to shopping malls, galleries, museums, 4,500,000 square meters to offices and other social services. The tallest building will reach 470 meters, while the second and third of the first group at the ground floor, will be lower in height. The tallest “moon” on the sea, will reach 190 meters while the second 115 meters and the third 90 meters.