An old-fashioned, almost 3000-square-meter-old building, home to the former Cooperative for Peace and Justice, wisely transformed into the Sala Beckett, the new theater and research center of the Catalan city.

A conservative restoration and reconversion work, completed without breaking any element, on the contrary, meticulously preserving every detail.

Author of the work is the Barcelona-based Flores & Prats Archs studio, founded in 1998 by Eva Prats and Ricardo Flores, known for numerous projects in the public and private sectors, in the residential and commercial industries.

An eye-catching project that has engaged publishers, readers and numerous experts, including it in the much longed for shortlist of Beazley Design of the year award 2017, hosted by the Design Museum, London (an yearly event that, through 70 showcased projects, divided into six categories – architecture, digital, fashion, product, graphics and transportation – celebrates diversity, creativity, innovation and the impact of design.

The project for the new Sala Beckett moves the first steps in 2011, with a careful study carried out by the design team, of the stage and research activities carried out by the institute, to create an empathic architecture, actually at the user’s service.

Flores & Prats has to do with a building dating back to the 1920s, which, although in desperate conditions, featured those unique traits given by time and history. That is why every plan, every historical drawing available, has been thoroughly examined by the practice to leave nothing to chance.

The result is surprising: tile after tile, color after the color, the past and antique splendor, slowly emerge. Pin-colored plasters, doors adorned with gracious frames, bright cementine tiles, bold stuccos, all details that further enhance the facility’s intriguing yet intrinsic dramatic effect.