Flick-Flack, comfort and flexibility. Design by Anna Von Schewen.

Ditre Italia presents the new Flick-Flack sofa, a semi-modular piece of furniture which evokes a cozy, intimate yet very linear nest. A functional and aesthetically unique design featuring a smart mechanism, ensuring comfort and practicality.

A new concept of furniture, identified by Ditre Italy as designwear, in which each product can be adapted to a different lifestyle, thanks to a wide variety of finishes, textiles and fabrics, as well as a new living idea in which each element reflects a consistent yet unique vision.

The unmistakable design of Flick-Flack is based on a concept by Anna Von Schewen, Scandinavian designer inspired by the poetry of Nordic traditions, focused on clear-cut shapes and enhanced details.

A discrete mechanism inside the sofa allows you to lift all the cushions for a complete relaxation of the body, while the asymmetrical modules give the project a contemporary taste, which can also be placed in large spaces and at the center of the room.