Greenwater, Washington State

This house on the river is based on a project by Robert Hutchison Architecture, Seattle-based award-winning (including the recent 2016 – 2017 Rome Prize in Architecture, assigned by the American Academy of Rome) architecture practice, known for its holistic approach and the constant quest for a “balance between eternal and ephemeral”.

This is a lovely, compact “wooden box” of approximately 180 square meters and two bedrooms, located in Greenwater, near the namesake river, in the Pierce County, a few miles from Seattle.

Not far away, the Mount Rainier, a large active stratovolcano, the highest mountain of the Cascade Range.

This beautiful country house is clad in local red cedar, a material that seals its belonging to the wood the house seems to blend with, separated only by a courtyard that, in addition to allowing a non-aggressive delimitation, form a gentile periphery to keep the ubiquitous elk herds at bay.

Designed as a kind of zen nest, a retreat to leave behind the city’s frenzy, the majestic glass walls of the living room extend visually the space, filling it with abundant natural light.

A modern steel fireplace looks like the central element of the room, creating a pleasant contrast with the wood that dominates the various environments, and also acting as a separation element with the outdoor covered patio.

The Robert Hutchinson Archietcture has therefore choosen a design approach in line with the most modern design canons, made of net lines, few – but intense – architectural elements, and a primordial yet very engaging aesthetics.

Credit Mark Woods