“Piazza del Vento” is a light and sensory project that took shape on the waterfront of Genoa establishing a new relationship between the city and the sea.

The project inspired by the works of by Renzo Piano, as a contribution to Salone Nautico (the Nautical showroom) and the city of Genoa, was created by the architectural practice OBR Paolo Brescia and Tommaso Principi, during the 57th edition of the Nautical Showroom.

Piazza del Vento is a “collective, multisensorial installation created for a temporary event that becomes permanent public work, through which to celebrate the rite of urbanity on the sea, thus sanctioning the indissoluble link between the Salone Nautico and Genoa”, – explains Paolo Brescia. This architectural work – said the mayor of Genoa during the inauguration ceremony – corresponds to the vision that the city is developing around the East Waterfront.

OBR conceived a “field” of 57, 12 meter tall, trees in red maple wood and steel, fastened together with textiles on which Dacron flakes are inserted. On the top of the trees there are sewn wind indicators with colorful spinnaker fabrics that give evidence of the direction and wind intensity. Some trees have double swings for two, in the shade of the sails and enjoining the sea view.

By collaborating with musician Roberto Pugliese, architects Margherita Del Grosso and Matteo Orlandi have invented a sound field triggered by the action of the wind: a system of brass rods of different length, arranged according to a precise spatial pattern among the trees, returns the sound of the Mediterranean sea, with chords according to a Mediterranean musical scale “played” by the wind.