In Medina, a city in the King County (Eastside) surrounded by Lake Washington and famous, alongside with its lush green surroundings, for being the place where Bill Gates has its residence, is a modern, elegant, minimalist villa full of light.

A total surface of more than 350 square meters, whose original planning dates back to the early 1990s, and that – thanks to the intelligent renovation work conceived by SkB studio – evokes, rather than a private home, a bright art gallery.

Purchased by a couple as a place to live and raise the family, the dwelling, before the works, was excessively austere and characterized by a rigor that imposed it a dark look and an introverted inward orientation.

The SkB studio operates decisively, using numerous design expedients to add abundant light without compromising its intrinsic elegance.

The living area is the hub of the house: enriched by fine works of art, boldly opens the house to the site, visually embracing the garden with a pool.

The interiors are characterized by walls painted in white, dark wood furnishings and steel floors, resulting in a pleasant chromatic contrast. In order to avoid drastic break with the past, designers have decided to preserve the original sunken living room, which is offered as a cozy and intimate conversation area.   

In the new concept, the kitchen equipped with a granite island is linked to the living area, while a glass window opposite the island directs focus to the outdoor. The kitchen area is complemented by a practical pantry and a laundry room.

The atmosphere of minimal elegance is made strong by the pleasant presence of organic and inorganic materials (buckshot flooring, granite flooring), where the natural element are eventually predominant.

The restyling project involved doors, windows and finishes, all designed to promote a dialogue between the indoor and the outdoor, such as large windows and concealed doors that create access to the yard.

Finally, the exteriors were freed from useless frills, and facades finished only with white stuccoes that further enhance its sober elegance.


Lara Swimmer

Mark Woods