Away from the conception of a common home, aVoid is the first mini mobile home made by architect and engineer Leonardo Di Chiara, conceived for all the modern “tribes” of ever-growing nomads who spend their lives moving from a place to another, challenging the border between temporariness and continuity, stability and mobility.

Unexpectedly, this house on wheels encloses every kind of comfort in 9 square meters.

It recalls the idea of emptiness (hence the name aVoid) and looks like a single gray room, developed longways, with no visible furniture. First of all, you can think that it is completely lacking all comfort, to be everything but a home where you can spend your time and perform those typical activities that are part of an individual’s daily life: eating, sleeping, washing.

Through specific wall-mounted devices, however, space evolves horizontally, transforming itself into a small, comfortable home. The reclining bed, in addition to performing its normal function, is a sofa for the studio and bench corner when combined with the folding table. The kitchen, hidden by a wall, is equipped with a vacuum hood, retractable sink, hob and storage shelves. In the bathroom, made in okumè, the most water-proof wood ever, there are the services and the shower, designed to minimize water consumption. The large three-door window door allows both the natural lighting of the space and the opening to the outside spaces. Finally, through a staircase you access the terrace, from which you can admire the underlying panorama and feel the real effects of real citizens of the world. Always on the road and always ready to become.

aVoid is part of the Bauhaus Campus, a small experimental village, within the Bauhaus-Archiv / Museum of Design in Berlin. This socio-cultural experiment curated by architect Van Bo Le-Mentzel and developed in collaboration with Tinyhouse University, investigates the possible future housing typology in migratory districts, namely the temporary settlements of nomadic tribes, and the tiny house by architect Di Chiara seems to perfectly embody this idea: small, portable, but above all, full of all the comforts.